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A 4 Week Online Community And MasterClass

Join Ari Afsar, originating Eliza in Hamilton Chicago and creator and composer of Jeannette a "Broadway-bound" musical about Jeannette Rankin, the first female Congresswoman and Esteban Gast, author, speaker, and award-winning teacher and lecturer on an inspiring and insightful 4-week journey into the ins and outs of creating art specifically designed to shift hearts and minds.

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Art & Activism is perfect for young creatives who need a little support, a community, and some deep dives into how to tell stories that matter. 

If you're between the ages of 16-24 and want twice-weekly inspiration from two artists and scholars in the field of art and social good -  then this is for you.

Have other questions? Reach out below!

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Here's a look at just some of the things we'll go into:

  • story theory and writing powerful stories

  • properly researching and the responsibility of telling true stories

  • the importance of theme! Seriously, theme is everything

  • Building a team and collaborators around your idea

  • The best thing to do when you're stuck and don't know where your project should go

  • An inside look at writing a feature film and a Broadway musical 

  • How to measure and understand social change

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Glad you asked, cause we're tired of Zoom calls too. Everything is interactive - from discussions to games, to talent shows, to accountability buddies, to small groups, to large groups, to interview and special guests. Creativity is about creating - and our goal is to INSPIRE creation! It'll be fun, we swear.

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The only rule is you have to be between 16 - 24 and be able to hop online twice a week during early evening hours in the USA (though you don't need to live in the USA). 16-17-year-olds will need a guardian to sign some paperwork. If you fall outside those age requirements, email us! 

You don't need to be working on a specific project, though we bet if you are, this will give you a really great boost. There's no medium for your art - we'll spend a lot of time talking about songwriting and playwriting and screenwriting but the lessons can be translated into just about any medium. 

If you want to connect with amazing young people who want to better understand how to use their creative and artistic abilities to create positive change - then this is for you. 

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